It’s a thrill to share the knowledge I have of Forensic Science with my audiences.                



Here is a taste of some of the topics I love to share. I do these workshops for libraries, continuing education venues at colleges and universities, assisted living facilities, men’s and women’s clubs, and anywhere people like to hear about interesting topics.



Subtitle: In the News and in Literature

Presenter: Linda Maria Frank, Author of the Annie Tillery Mystery Series and Teacher of Forensic Science (ret.)

Contact: lmf217@hotmail.com  516 798 0341

Follow the Clues that Inspire the Crime Solvers and Snare the Criminals

  • DNA TECHNOLOGY includes an explanation of how we are related and how we are different by our DNA, and illustrates how this technology has become one of the best tools of criminologists.
  • DNA AND FAMOUS MURDER CASES outlines how DNA analysis was used and misused in the O.J. Simpson trial, the Laci and Connor Petersen murders, the Sam Sheppard trial, and the Boston Strangler.
  • THE LINDBERG KIDNAPPING traces the evidence used to convict Bruno Hauptman of the kidnapping and murder of Charles Lindberg, Jr. This was the first case dubbed the “Crime of the Century” by the print and radio media.
  • SOLVING ANCIENT MYSTERIES This lecture illustrates how modern forensic techniques are used to solve mysteries of the past, such as Otzi, the Ice Man, the Bog People of  Denmark, the Peruvian mummies and even the vampire folklore of Eastern Europe.
  • PLANTS, POISONS AND PLOTS not only includes illustrations of the various plant poisons and their uses or misuses, but illustrates how famous mystery writers have employed them in their books.
  • ART, NOT ART – This program explains how art pieces are scientifically authenticated, using examples from the art world, and delving into the world of art fraud. Famous cases of art theft, such as the Nazi atrocities regarding art works during WWII are described.
  • THOSE CSI SHOWS, FACT OR FICTION investigated the protocols, procedures and laboratory world or crime investigation in the real world and on TV.


Linda Maria Frank, retired from a career teaching science, including forensic science, resides on Long Island and is currently writing the Annie Tillery Mysteries, The Madonna Ghost, Girl with Pencil, Drawing and Secrets in the Fairy Chimneys. She also produces The Writer’s Dream, her local access TV show, seen on YouTube. Frank is active in LI Authors Group, LI Sisters in Crime, LI Children’s Writers and Illustrators, and Mystery Writers of America.







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I produce a local access TV show, THE WRITER’S DREAM. I interview local authors regarding how they write, publish and market their books. It’s pretty impressive how many different ideas arise to create the books featured on the show. I’ll share some of the things that make me proud to be an author.

For instance, most of the authors I interview never planned on writing and publishing their works. Some say they’ve always written. Most have no formal training as writers. A fair number work or worked in the publishing industry.

Well, where did that combination of ideas, talent and persistence come from? Many authors claim that the book arose from their non-author professional lives. A common theme is teacher/professor/educator turned author. It seems that the desire to enlighten and share the jewels of their subject matter propels them into the worlds of fiction and non-fiction writers. Fictionalized characters lead the reader to experiences, sensations and locations that the reader may never get to experience any other way, and that the author wishes to share.

I really enjoy interviewing educators as my journey is so similar. The elements of that journey include having a knowledge base, creating the lessons and stories necessary to convey that knowledge, making that lesson stick, sneaking in the facts, and most of all, snagging their interest.


Civilizations are defined by their stories. The authors I have interviewed want the young folks who read these stories to carry on those stories and traditions.

For example, one of my guests, James A. Perez, author of Maia and Icarus, brings in a new twist on the Greek Mythology tale of Icarus, the boy who flew too close to the sun. https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Dstripbooks&field-keywords=maia+and+icarus



Another guest, Barbara Ann Mojica, has written the Little Miss History series, taking the reader to a number of the U.S. National Parks, enabling them to not only enjoy the natural wonders of these places, but to learn their history. http://www.littlemisshistory.com/


Many of the authors express concern that kids are isolating behind social media. They know, when they write their books, that they must achieve a balance between including facts and keeping their books exciting. All of us are wondering what the effect of social media will have on the acquisition of true knowledge.

Next time, we’ll explore writing memoirs.

Interviews with both Perez and Mojica will appear on YouTube soon. Look for them.

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I have a local access TV show, The Writer’s Dream, where I interview authors about writing, publishing, and marketing. I always ask this question. “What is your best advice for authors, especially those with a first manuscript?” The most common answer is, “Get a good editor.”

Ideas can come. And then, they can go.

Ideas can come. And then, they can go.

My suggestion is to have your manuscript in the most perfect condition you can manage before you settle on an editor. Editorial services and professional editors can cost a lot of money.

So, how do you go about getting your manuscript as near perfect as possible before sending it to an editor? It’s the power of the group. Browse through your local libraries programs for writers’ groups. Join professional author organizations that have critique groups. Meet-up.com has many author groups. You can go on their site and look for groups that meet in your area.

Find a group that fits your style. Some critique groups are gentler than others. Ask your contacts in the groups you choose to be beta readers for you. They read the book for flaws, but also for what they think the appeal is to readers. If your book has a lot of factual material, check those facts. Have someone proof read the book. Proof reading looks for flaws like spelling and punctuation errors, repeated sentences, incomplete sentences and the like.

There is great value in submitting your book to a group of writer/readers. They will see things you may not see, or don’t know how to fix. Once you have done all that, look for a professional editor. Understand that your friend who is an English teacher may not have the skills or the knowledge to meet the publishing industry’s standards. I had a magazine editor edit my last book, not realizing that the style manual used by magazine writers is different from the one used with books. I had to do a lot of extra work to undo that edit.

Find a friendly group. They will help you. You will learn from them. And hopefully the relationship will be reciprocal.

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The gifts of reading and writing open the universe to those who use them.

The gifts of reading and writing open the universe to those who use them.

The gifts of reading and writing open the universe to those who use them.

Tapping into my belief that Exciting Appropriate Literaturelike mystery bookscan spur interest in reading, a Long Island fifth grade class learns the art of mystery solving and mystery writing. using the story of “The Skeleton in the Old Lighthouse”. The workshop hits those important ELA skills of listening, reading and writing, and challenges critical thinking skills used to conduct an investigation and draw conclusions while tapping the creative energy needed to write a story. I’m waiting for their stories which will come just before school ends this month.

Here are some quotes from the readers.

“I love all these books because they have a lot of action.”

“I like the book because it reminds me of Indiana Jones and I also like how Annie has a lot of adventure.”

“I am reading your book, Secrets in the Fairy Chimneys, and I absolutely love it. The setting is fantastic, the plot is out of this world, and I can’t even tell you how good the characters are. I think the book has excitement, mystery, friendship, and romance all throughout the book. Where in the world did you think of such a good story?”

I loved this comment too. “I think you chose the right job to be an author.” For those of you who write, it sometimes takes a long time to get that validation.

NOTE: Search for “The Skeleton in the Old Lighthouse” in past blogs.

What happens when a skeleton is found in the old lighthouse.

united states life saving service

This 1800’s Fire Island Lighthouse assisted the U.S.L.S.S.

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Wish me luck! You can read my entry essay about DNA and authors by going to the following link. Just scroll down to my name. http://www.wnbnetworkwest.com/WnbAuthorsShow50Writers2014-VotingPageFinalists.html

Learn about my books and if you are interested in mysteries and mystery writing, contact me about the programs I do in libraries, museums, classrooms, and for book clubs. Looking forward to hearing from you.


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Lois W. Stern, author of “Sex, Lies and Cosmetic Surgery” and “Tick, Tock, Stop the Clock”, is reaching out to authors through her website,Tales2Inspire.com. As the title suggests, she is urging authors to submit short stories for the contest on her website that inspire through humor or pathos, and are up-lifting.

Linda Maria Frank, author of Annie Tillery Mysteries, has created and produced The Writer’s Dream, a TV show for authors. The finalists from Tales2Inspire will be afforded a half-hour interview on the show.

The authors who are finalists will have their ‘tale’ published in a Tales2Inspire™ anthology/ collection with their mini-biography, photo and link to their website included.

A personal, live recorded interview on the Tales2Inspire™ blog radio show, posted for six months, will be linked from their photo on the Author Tales screen.

An opportunity to appear on The Writer’s Dream, a rapidly growing Cablevision Long Island TV show is the other perk. Authors may record a video from the comfort of their home. Send it to Stern and Frank, and they will do the rest.

Finalists will be able to use the DVD from the show on all social media and their websites. The aim of both authors is to encourage the publication of up-lifting stories on the web, and to give authors a venue for showcasing their work.

VISIT THE WEBSITE: http://www.Tales2Inspire.com

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Visit my website, http://www.annietillery.com to download 13 interactive, intriguing and fun lessons centering around The Madonna Ghost and Girl With Pencil Drawing. Lesson plans have standards, clear directions, and websites for student interest.

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