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   Michael O’Keefe is a retired 1st Grade Detective from the NYPD. He began writing three years ago.  He has since had several short stories published in on-line literary magazines.  He swears he’s not a poet, in spite of having numerous poems published in the Raven’s Perch Magazine, Vox Poetica and appearing in the 2016 and 2017 editions of The Bard’s Annual.  His first novel, Shot to Pieces, was self-published and debuted in July, 2016.  He is presently preparing the Prequel, Maybe All We Get, for agent submission and publication.  He is also at work on the sequel.  Burnt to a Crisp will be the second novel in the Detective Paddy Durr series.  O’Keefe lives on Long Island with his family, where he writes a little (including poetry), and practices the ancient martial arts of lawn and swimming pool maintenance—when he is not coaching football.

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A page-turning thriller of a read


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Here are some comments we’d like to share.

Aline (Teen Counsellor) in Plainview, N.Y., writes: “I just completed your book and I loved it. I am truly so impressed. It was excellent. It worked on so many different levels Congratulations. What an amazing accomplishment.”

Monica Arlene Gold, Author of Looking for Shelter, writes: “I loved the book! Brava! I loved Annie as a smart teenaged girl, the great local color and sailing, the romance, action adventure, danger, mystery. All that, plus it’s a ghost story with dysfunctional families-yet there are strong parental figures. There’s the battle against global foes, patriotism, and Long Island history.”

Frank Joslyn from W. Simsbury, Ct., says: “Just finished your novel and it gave me a really good ride. I especially enjoyed the well-rounded characters…Alice, with her “new-agey” vibe added a special flavor to the story line. Ty’s father had a small role but I saw it as especially poignant , as was the son’s stoicism and maturity in caring for him. Having visited Fire Island a few years ago, I could ‘see’ a lot of the setting. Congratulations on your ‘first in a series’. Among other unresolved conflicts like a problematic mother, selfish father, career choices, etc., I’m dying to find out what happens to Ty and Annie in their next adventure.”

Dolores Mele from Massapequa shares: “What a delightful book you have written! From the very beginning I felt I was part of the trip to Fire Island. As loyal Nancy Drew fan (having read every one of her adventures)I enjoyed Annie’s escapades in one of my favorite places. I hope you will continue to use your gift to further entertain teen and not-so-teen agers.”

Gerry Moore from Amityville, N.Y. expresses: “I really enjoyed THE MADONNA GHOST! Your description of the ferry ride and the scenes of Fire Island brought back so many fond memories. You appealed to all of my senses, the smell of the sea, the sounds of the waves crashing on the beach as well as the feel of the hot sand and the rocks at my feet. I loved all the characters, especially Annie and can see her as a wonderful role model for today’s teenaged girls. You were able to weave a wonderful tapestry of teenage love, a good mystery as well as the unfortunately current theme of political violence into a wonderful story. I sincerely hope you do a sequel as I can’t wait to revisit all the characters.

And from Irma Klein in New York City: “Annie is a delightful teenager; bright, exuberant, imaginative, adventuresome, and just a little rebellious. She is on vacation with her Aunt Jill, a New York City detective, Annie lived in Manhattan and is looking forward to a few weeks on Fire Island with a very different life style than she is used to. From the moment she steps on shipboard she sees things she feels are amiss but never gets around to talking to Aunt Jill about them. From the deck of the ship she spies a very handsome young man on the dock amid the waiting crowd and is hopeful of meeting him. She gets her wish. Ty Egan is the nephew of Aunt Jill’s friend, Doc, and they are off together on an adventure involving a ghost, a geopolitical plot, and a daring rescue attempt. Annie and Ty, along with another friend from the island, long-time resident and island historian, Alice, bite off more than they can chew in this saga. I know I was never this adventuresome as a teenager, but what fun thinking that I might have been.”


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