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The Most Ancient Form of Historical Records

The Story of the People

How did we get from oral history to Amazon?

What’s the difference between an author and a story teller? Imagine a world before technology, even before electricity. As an “Outlander” fan, I was captured by the visit to Castle Leoch by a traveling minstrel and bard. He told folk tales through his song. His audience was enraptured. It was oral history that captured our ancestors, and even before the 18th Century, the history of peoples was related through the story teller. The story teller traveled from sparsely populated area, one to another.


There were books, thanks to the monks and other scholars, but few could read, no less afford a book.

Then came the printing press. Books and newspapers or broad sheets abounded. Then radio, and television, and the Internet, and the Cloud, and Amazon, Social Media and your Smartphone and other almost intelligent devices. Books and information of an astronomical number became available.

Teacher as Story Teller

The story teller became the author. And now, author, how does your story get out there to those millions of ears and eyes, avid for a good story?

We still need good story tellers

Every author loves their story. I love my Annie Tillery Mysteries.What fine stories!

Alas, that is the conundrum of you and I. Marketing is the beast that must be tamed. I’ll let you know what I find out. I hope you will share as well.


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I never dreamed these lectures would be so popular! 

My many years of teaching forensic science led me to choose the topics in that field that I find most interesting. I created a series of programs with PowerPoint which I present to interested groups. I have presented at libraries, to the seniors enrolled in the continuing education programs at local universities, clubs, and assisted living residents. They are interesting, provocative and get those brain cells sparking, curiosity piquing, and imaginative juices flowing. I’ve included a list of the ones I do. If you think of other topics let me know. My contact information appears below.



Subtitle: In the News and in Literature

Presenter: Linda Maria Frank, Author of the Annie Tillery Mystery Series and Teacher of Forensic Science (ret.)

Contact: lmf217@hotmail.com  516 798 0341

Follow the Clues that Inspire the Crime Solvers and Snare the Criminals

  • DNA TECHNOLOGY includes an explanation of how we are related and how we are different by our DNA, and illustrates how this technology has become one of the best tools of criminologists.
  • DNA AND FAMOUS MURDER CASES outlines how DNA analysis was used and misused in the O.J. Simpson trial, the Laci and Connor Petersen murders, the Sam Sheppard trial, and the Boston Strangler.
  • THE LINDBERG KIDNAPPING traces the evidence used to convict Bruno Hauptman of the kidnapping and murder of Charles Lindberg, Jr. This was the first case dubbed the “Crime of the Century” by the print and radio media.
  • SOLVING ANCIENT MYSTERIES This lecture illustrates how modern forensic techniques are used to solve mysteries of the past, such as Otzi, the Ice Man, the Bog People of  Denmark, the Peruvian mummies and even the vampire folklore of Eastern Europe.
  • PLANTS, POISONS AND PLOTS not only includes illustrations of the various plant poisons and their uses or misuses, but illustrates how famous mystery writers have employed them in their books.
  • ART, NOT ART – This program explains how art pieces are scientifically authenticated, using examples from the art world, and delving into the world of art fraud. Famous cases of art theft, such as the Nazi atrocities regarding art works during WWII are described.
  • THOSE CSI SHOWS, FACT OR FICTION investigated the protocols, procedures and laboratory world or crime investigation in the real world and on TV.


Linda Maria Frank, retired from a career teaching science, including forensic science, resides on Long Island and is currently writing the Annie Tillery Mysteries, The Madonna Ghost, Girl with Pencil, Drawing and Secrets in the Fairy Chimneys. She also produces The Writer’s Dream, her local access TV show, seen on YouTube. Frank is active in LI Authors Group, LI Sisters in Crime, LI Children’s Writers and Illustrators, and Mystery Writers of America.


Member, Linda Maria Frank, and her Annie Tillery Mystery Series.









Get some inside info on my Lindbergh Lecture at https://annietillerymystery.wordpress.com/2017/11/03/murder-on-the-orient-express-a-reflection-of-the-lindbergh-kidnapping/

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Here is a complete list of LIAG Author lectures at Dolphin Book Store for the fall season.

Linda Maria Frank 10/10

Jack Bilello 10/24

Roland Allnach 10/31

Rita Plus 11/7

John P. Cardone 11/14

Shoshanna McCollum 11/21

Vincent Casale 11/28

Cindy Braf 12/5

Charlene Knadle 12/12

Karen Bonnet 12/19

To find out about our up-coming events:

 Search The Long Island Authors Group on facebook, Long Island Authors Group

You can see many of our authors on The Writer’s Dream on YouTube, https://youtu.be/n7IL78YivwE

and our website is longislandauthorsgroup.org


Member, Linda Maria Frank, and h       Annie Tillery Mystery Series.

Books galore!

A unique approach to meeting your local author, the traveling bookstore.

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The Casualties of Divorce offers a front row seat to the turmoil endured by all when two adults decide to end their marriage, for whatever reason. The book explores the different perspectives and experiences as told by dozens of persons who have proverbially “walked the walk” amongst different degrees of separation. It is intended to provide the reader with the understanding that they are not alone, their feelings are valid and that “This Too Shall Pass”. Co-authored by three casualties of divorce, this book will enlighten those who are contemplating divorce and comfort those who have survived one.

View the author, Vincent Casale, who wrote this book with input from Jayson Cole and Thomas J. Billotti, Ph.D. Their  perspective is an important and different take on “The Casualties of Divorce”.

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Bio: Jennifer Farbar is a writer, artist and editor. She grew up in Manhattan and on Eastern Long Island. In 2000 she left the city and moved permanently to East Hampton, NY, where she lives with her cat, Dora and her garden.

An inquiry into my life with my father, who committed suicide in 1991 when I was 27 years old. A brilliant, brutal man, he held sway over my life throughout his living years and continues as a specter to be wrested with. I choose to wrestle him through memoir.

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Joe Giannini, Vietnam veteran and producer of local access TV show, Gung Ho, and Jack Bilello, author and lecturer on historical topics, discuss some of the back stories of WWI and the Vietnam War.

Born, raised and educated in East New York, Brooklyn, Jack Bilello, a former Fulbright Scholar and Chairman of History at the Lindenhurst, New York Public School System, lives in Massapequa Park, Long Island. He has served as an adjunct professor at St. Joseph’s College and as a field supervisor at Dowling College on Long Island. He is the author of four novel as well as numerous magazine and newspaper articles and reviews. He has appeared on radio and TV programs and has been a lecturer and guest speaker at various venues, including Molloy College, Farmingdale University and Long Island University. Jack’s Books are: Heart of a Lion, I Still Love Joni James, Bonds of War, and American Patrol. His Lectures are: WWII, THE CIVIL WAR, and LAUGH, CRY, THINK, and THE ITALIAN AND JEWISH AMERICANS IN WAR AND PEACE.

Joseph Giannini practiced Criminal Law for 43 years. He received  a J.D. from Brooklyn Law School and his B.A from Hofstra University. He served a tour in Vietman, ending his military service with the rank of Captain. He lives with his family on the East End of Long Island. He has written for various veteran’s magazines and journals and has published a collection of short stories about his experiences in Vietnam, SOFT TARGETS.



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Elizabeth Zelvin, the Outrageous Older Woman appears on Linda Maria Frank’s TV show, The Writer’s Dream. Enjoy her interview!



Elizabeth Zelvin, mystery author, historical novelist, poet, therapist, singer-songwriter, and all-around Outrageous Older Woman talks about how things keep getting better when you stop expecting them to go the way you planned.
Elizabeth Zelvin is the author of the Bruce Kohler Mysteries, a contemporary series set in New York City, and the Mendoza Family Saga, historical fiction about a Jewish brother and sister who sail with Columbus and end up in the Ottoman Empire. Both series include both novels and short stories. Liz’s stories have been nominated  twice for the Derringer Award and three times for the Agatha Award for Best Short Story. Liz’s latest publication (September 2017) is Where Crime Never Sleeps: Murder New York Style 4, an anthology of crime and mystery short stories on which she served as editor and in which her latest Bruce Kohler story appears. She is also a psychotherapist and a singer-songwriter with an album of original songs, appropriately titled Outrageous Older Woman. Liz’s author website is http://elizabethzelvin.com. She can be found on Facebook at http://facebook.com/elizabeth.zelvin. Her music website is http://lizzelvin.com

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