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It’s a thrill to share the knowledge I have of Forensic Science with my audiences.                



Here is a taste of some of the topics I love to share. I do these workshops for libraries, continuing education venues at colleges and universities, assisted living facilities, men’s and women’s clubs, and anywhere people like to hear about interesting topics.



Subtitle: In the News and in Literature

Presenter: Linda Maria Frank, Author of the Annie Tillery Mystery Series and Teacher of Forensic Science (ret.)

Contact: lmf217@hotmail.com  516 798 0341

Follow the Clues that Inspire the Crime Solvers and Snare the Criminals

  • DNA TECHNOLOGY includes an explanation of how we are related and how we are different by our DNA, and illustrates how this technology has become one of the best tools of criminologists.
  • DNA AND FAMOUS MURDER CASES outlines how DNA analysis was used and misused in the O.J. Simpson trial, the Laci and Connor Petersen murders, the Sam Sheppard trial, and the Boston Strangler.
  • THE LINDBERG KIDNAPPING traces the evidence used to convict Bruno Hauptman of the kidnapping and murder of Charles Lindberg, Jr. This was the first case dubbed the “Crime of the Century” by the print and radio media.
  • SOLVING ANCIENT MYSTERIES This lecture illustrates how modern forensic techniques are used to solve mysteries of the past, such as Otzi, the Ice Man, the Bog People of  Denmark, the Peruvian mummies and even the vampire folklore of Eastern Europe.
  • PLANTS, POISONS AND PLOTS not only includes illustrations of the various plant poisons and their uses or misuses, but illustrates how famous mystery writers have employed them in their books.
  • ART, NOT ART – This program explains how art pieces are scientifically authenticated, using examples from the art world, and delving into the world of art fraud. Famous cases of art theft, such as the Nazi atrocities regarding art works during WWII are described.
  • THOSE CSI SHOWS, FACT OR FICTION investigated the protocols, procedures and laboratory world or crime investigation in the real world and on TV.


Linda Maria Frank, retired from a career teaching science, including forensic science, resides on Long Island and is currently writing the Annie Tillery Mysteries, The Madonna Ghost, Girl with Pencil, Drawing and Secrets in the Fairy Chimneys. She also produces The Writer’s Dream, her local access TV show, seen on YouTube. Frank is active in LI Authors Group, LI Sisters in Crime, LI Children’s Writers and Illustrators, and Mystery Writers of America.







BOOK DESCRIPTIONS: The Annie Tillery Mystery Series by Linda Maria Frank


Do you love a Mystery? How about some secret caves in an exotic land? Grab some pure entertainment! Enter the world of “Nancy Drew Meets CSI”. Follow the new girl detective, Annie Tillery, as she navigates her way through intriguing plots with good forensic science, narrowly escaping the dangers that keep those pages turning. 


 GREAT TEEN MYSTERY BOOKS – Where Nancy Drew Meets CSI. You will find information about my Annie Tillery Mystery series, THE MADONNA GHOST, GIRL WITH PENCIL DRAWING, SECRETS IN THE FAIRY CHIMNEYS and THE MYSTERY OF THE LOST AVENGER. Access my blog, my forensic science articles, and use book-based lesson plans and book discussion questions for teachers and parents. Find my author interview local access TV show, The Writer’s Dream on facebook. View video descriptions of the books and easy links to purchase them on my website, http://lindamariafrank.com . Link to my facebook pages.      


THE MADONNA GHOST has earned the distinctive “Editor’s Choice” and “Rising Star” from iUniverse.

teen mystery, girl detective, ghost story, summer read

Annie and her boyfriend, Ty, uncover the secrets hidden by Fire Island and The Madonna Ghost.

 Annie Tillery sets out with her NYPD Aunt Jill for a vacation on beautiful Fire Island. She meets Ty Egan, setting the stage for a sweet little romance Together they set out to investigate an eerie ghost from a shipwreck on the island. As the tale of the ghost unfolds, Annie and Ty stumble upon a diabolical plot that impacts national security, threatening the life of Annie’s aunt. This story has it all; mystery, romance, beach adventures and a thrilling plot.









An exciting YA mystery

The Brooklyn Bridge leads to the mysterious brownstone in Brooklyn where Annie and friends must find the clues to solve the murder of John DiCristiani.

Girl detective, Annie Tillery, wins art lessons at a glamorous N.Y. gallery. When the director of the gallery is found murdered, the prime suspect is Annie’s instructor, Francesca Gabrielli. While tracking the murderer, all the clues lead to a mysterious brownstone in Brooklyn, where they uncover a ring of art forgers and thieves, who will stop at nothing to protect their fabulous enterprise. Annie and Francesca face death by fire and water in the thrilling conclusion. It’s a case of Nancy Drew meets CSI.










New Annie Tillery Mystery

Take the magic carpet ride of your imagination to Turkey. Join Annie and Ty in the caves of mysterious Cappadocia for another thrilling adventure.


 is set in exotic Istanbul, and Cappadocia, land of enchanted caves. The plot involves ancient mysteries, archaeological secrets, and thieves who will commit murder rather than give up the treasures they steal. Annie acquires new friends. Cedric Zeeks is trying to find a link between his African ancestors and the inhabitants of a 9,000 year old town in Cappadocia.  Yelda and Ahmet Atsut, twins with a Ouija board, and awesome sleuthing talents, help Annie and boyfriend, Ty Egan, solve the mysteries, both ancient ones and ones that threaten them as they work the 9000-year-old archaeological dig.    



 “Nancy Drew Meets CSI”. It’s another Annie Tillery Mystery





The latest Annie Tillery Mystery, THE MYSTERY OF THE LOST AVENGER,

The latest Annie Tillery mystery takes us from the present to 1943. The ghost of Annie’s great grandmother helps her to solve a cold case involving the famous Avenger aircraft.

takes the reader to another time, a time when life hung by a thread and heroes were made every day.

Letters can really change a life. In Linda Maria Frank’s latest Annie Tiller Mystery, teen detective and her boyfriend, Ty Egan, bump into the intrigue of a past time in American history. A letter from the United States Navy links Annie’s great grandmother with a plane crash from 1943.

A packet of letters between great grandmother, Charlotte Wheeler, and her Navy pilot finance, Frank Bradenton, hint at dangerous goings-on in the defense plant where Charlotte test and flies Avenger fighter planes to military bases on the West Coast.

Annie and Ty become code breakers, delving into the heart-stopping world of World War II to solve The Mystery of the Lost Avenger.

Jack Bilello’s poignant account of a man and his son’s struggles with memories of war.

Amazing stories, fascinating police work by   Mladinich, Messing and Whalen.

The incredible story of the Italian American”s contributions to Intelligence in WWII, by Salvatore LaGumina


Click to see Capt. Joseph Gianinni’s local access TV Show, Gung Ho, with Jack Bilello.







THE WRITER’S DREAM has been fortunate enough in the last few months to feature these very interesting books dealing with our country’s history. Check out the following YouTube links to see the interviews in their entirety.

Stay tuned for more videos on history. Salvatore LaGumina’s interview, Part II is coming up, as well as Jack’s Interview on Bonds of War.

“Girl with Pencil, Drawing” Book Discussion Questions

An exciting YA mystery

The Brooklyn Bridge leads to the mysterious brownstone in Brooklyn where Annie and friends must find the clues to solve the murder of John DiCristiani.

  • Annie seems nervous about starting her art lessons, and getting the criticism of her instructor, even though she has won a contest. Why do you think she is so unsure of herself?
  • Annie makes an immediate connection with Francesca. What do you think this says about Annie?
  • What did you think was going on between John DiCrinstiani and Francesca when they were arguing in his office?
  • What was the best evidence to connect Francesca to DiCristiani’s murder?
  • What do you think Mark DiCristiani’s behavior suggests about him?
  • If you read The Madonna Ghost, contrast Ty’s behavior towards Annie to Mark DiCristiani’s attitude when he visited the gallery.
  • If you were Annie, would you have snooped in Frau Helriegel’s desk when they visited her? Why or why not?
  • The stories of the Nazi’s confiscation of art from countries they invaded, and occupied are true. How did Frau Helriegel’s story make you feel about her, and what she had done, involving herself in the secret art society?
  • Put yourself in Francesca’s place. How would you have reacted to finding your art work as part of a secret collection? Would you have reacted differently from Francesca?
  • Review the science used to make sure an art piece is authentic. Was Horst Blau convincing. Do you think he was convincing as a legitimate art collector?
  • Why were the art forgery and theft ring (the bad guys) willing to commit murder to protect their business and are collections?
  • Who killed John DiCristiani?
  • Do you think Frau H was behind the murder? Give a reason.
  • When reading the book, before the scene on the bridge, did you get the bike club thing?
  • Funny Question: Do you think Aunt J should have locked the girls up after their first encounter with danger?
  • Were Annie and Francesca good friends to each other? Give some examples.
  • What do you think are the best and worst qualities of these characters?



Aunt Jill

Horst Blau

Frau Helriegel

Lt. Red

Mark DiCristiani

Station #5: Famous Art Mysteries and Forgeries



Grade Band: 6-12

Aim: Students will

  • Research the above topic
  • Use a variety of strategies to produce an interesting and informative report on art mysteries and fraud.



Websites like www.voki.com


Suggested Interactives:

  • Essay Map
  • Comic Creator
  • Read, Write, Think Printing Press



  • Using the Jig Saw model for your, cooperative learning groups, have each student research a different art mystery, for example, The Shroud of Turin.
  • Forming new groups, have the students take each mystery and create a report using some of the following strategies:
  • Fill out a report sheet on the similarities and differences of the researched cases.
  • Write a newspaper article about each case.
  • Using Voki, stage an interview between a student and an art forger. Or have the students interview famous artists of the past.

Some websites that might prove interesting are:







  • com/portfolio/artofcrimedetection/teacher.html









  • shroud.com



  • com/shroud.html



Station #4: You Just Can’t Hide Your Age

Grade Band: 6-12

images (31)A technique used to tell the age of various ancient artifacts is half-life. Half-life is the amount of time it takes for ½ of a sample of radioactive material to break down into a stable material. It is a specific amount of time for every radioactive element. All materials contain trace amounts of some radioactive element. Therefore, by measuring the ratio of radioactive material to the stable material it breaks down into, one can calculate the age of a rock, an artifact, Stonehenge, etc.

Aim: Students will

  • Build a vocabulary
  • Learn about half-life by doing the activity with manipulatives
  • Relate half-life to telling the age of objects.


The set of cards described below.


  • Make a set of 3×5 cards for each of your groups as follows:
  • The cards appear in pairs with labels on the back. Use red for radioactive, green for stable.

First pair

Card #1 is totally red, there is no card #2

Second pair

Card #1 is only half red, card #2 is half green

Third pair

Card #1 is only one quarter red, card #2 is ¾ green

Fourth pair

Card #1 is 1/8 red, card #2 is 7/8 green

Fifth pair

Card #1 is 1/16 red, card # 2 is 15/16 green

Sixth pair

Card #1 is 1/32 red, card #2 is 31/32 green

  • Have students observe the pairs of cards to see how the process works.
  • Students should then prepare a graph of the progress of radioactive decay using time for the x axis and amount for the y axis.
  • Ask students how long it will take to have nothing left of the original radioactive sample.
  • There are many radioactive substances called isotopes used to tell the age of objects. Carbon-14 is the most famous. Have students research carbon-14 and describe how it is used and on what types of objects and materials. Describe its limitations.