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STYoung ,a life long Long Islander for almost three quarters of a century, is the proud father of four and grandfather of seven. After serving in the Military, his work experience took him from Wall Street, banking, the garment and food industry, to graphic arts and the non-for profit world. He received a BA from CW POST College in 1978. He is the personification perfectionist as demonstrated with his first book….A View( as seen) by a Toilet Seat. by  bringing life/voice to the inanimate and having them come off the page and tell the reader a story, often with humor. His new  book…Tales from the Wizard of Odd, also personification, is expected to hit the market place by the end of this summer.  His website is www.styoung.com.

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Born, raised and educated in East New York, Brooklyn, Jack Bilello, a former Fulbright Scholar and Chairman of History at the Lindenhurst, New York Public School System, lives in Massapequa Park, Long Island. He has served as an adjunct professor at St. Joseph’s College and as a field supervisor at Dowling College on Long Island. He is the author of four novel as well as numerous magazine and newspaper articles and reviews. He has appeared on radio and TV programs and has been a lecturer and guest speaker at various venues, including Molloy College, Farmingdale University and Long Island University.

Jack’s Books are: Heart of a Lion, I Still Love Joni James, Bonds of War, and American Patrol.

His Lectures are: WWII, THE CIVIL WAR, and LAUGH, CRY, THINK.

Jack Bilello’s poignant account of a man and his son’s struggles with memories of war.

Author and Educator: Jack Bilello                                

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JoAnn Vergona Krapp is a School Library Media Specialist and former elementary school teacher on Long Island, New York.  Her articles on children’s literature and programs to stimulate reading and writing have appeared in the periodicals School Library Journal, School Library Media Activities Monthly, Library Talk, and Early Years. Her children’s publications include Lollipop Mountain, a fantasy in story and song;Have A Happy, a collection of children’s holiday stories; Holiday Time, a revised edition of Have A Happy;My Dinosaur Loves Circuses: a Design-Your-Own Dinosaur Book of Poems; Missing Treasure Means Trouble,

an early chapter book adventure in which three children search for missing pirate treasure in an old lighthouse; Trouble Times Three, a sequel to Missing Treasure Means Trouble, that finds the children searching for a missing medal from World War II.

Ms. Krapp resides in Farmingdale, New York where she teaches writing workshops for children and appears as guest author at Long Island schools.  She is a member of the national Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators and the regional Long Island Children’s Writers and Illustrators.

In addition to her children’s books, Ms. Krapp is a watercolor artist whose works include a wide array of subjects and have appeared in various Long Island exhibits.

Check out her videos from The Writer’s Dream local access TV show, seen on YouTube.





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https://youtu.be/Ij1NsuQqFHQ           https://youtu.be/aQuHnbzqFLU

Jack and Linda talk with Phyllis about what it’s like to be a writer, among other things. Check out the videos.

The latest Annie Tillery mystery takes us from the present to 1943. The ghost of Annie’s great grandmother helps her to solve a cold case involving the famous Avenger aircraft.

Jack Bilello’s poignant account of a man and his son’s struggles with memories of war.

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Pauli Rose Libsohn, has completed the promise that she made to her mother Mitzi Libsohn – and that is to have her cherished poetry published, along with her poetic essays.  It is a testament to the bond between mother and daughter that has never been broken, and of the love that was never broken between a man and a woman, (her parents) as depicted in the poetry found in “Immortal Kisses – Confessions Of a Poet,” and its companion “Songs Of You – A Postscript,” along with her “Silhouettes – Literary Passageways.”  Currently, Pauli Rose Libsohn is lecturing at various colleges and appearing on PATV, speaking about and promoting her mother’s writing.

See Pauli’s inspiring interview on The Writer’s Dream TV show. https://youtu.be/1PVYj5CCV0E  and   https://youtu.be/zp_UqjL0Rx0

Also by Pauli Rose Libsohn. “Immortal Kisses”

A Daughter’s Tribute to Her Mother.

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An entertaining inside story of how Reuben Freed’s roadside eatery became the famous Red Apple Rest.

View Elaine’s Engaging Interview on YouTube: https://youtu.be/22aa5xB2IIQ

The Red Apple Rest was a legendary restaurant open from the 1930s through the 1980s on New York’s Route 17. Located midway between New York City and the resorts of the Catskill Mountains, the restaurant served as a who’s who of entertainment luminaries. Elaine Freed Lindenblatt was born into restaurant royalty as the youngest child of the establishment’s founder, Reuben Freed. For her, the Red Apple was the “family room” across the road—one she shared with over a million customers every year. In this book fifty-plus years unfold in a series of lively vignettes—enhanced with photos, memorabilia, and even a closely guarded recipe—as she recreates what it was like to be raised in the fishbowl of a round-the-clock family operation. Stop at the Red Apple is at once an account of growing up in 1950s small-town America, a glimpse into the workings of a successful food operation, and a swan song to a glorious slice of bygone popular culture.

Elaine Freed Lindenblatt is a former publishing professional and currently a writer and editor who lives with her husband in Rockland County, New York.

Stop at the Red Apple: The Restaurant on Route 17 (Excelsior Editions) by [Lindenblatt, Elaine Freed]

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For close to sixty years Vito Gentile has been writing poetry with insight and passion, and most fervently when he is writing about spring. As a child he would get depressed at the prospect of returning to school every September. However, when his schooling was finally behind him he would still get depressed in September, and realized that it was the oncoming autumn darkness that upset him. From that day on he has made the first day of spring his personal holiday. To honor and celebrate that day, each year he writes a spring poem and sends it out to family and friends all around the globe. If you’re tired of winter, of walking in circles inside your home, of feeling muffled by your heavy overcoat, and need something to perk up your spirits and heart, this collection is for you…”The snow had fallen, the flakes were silent, the wind was not!”, “Who says old trees can’t bud — Who says a young bird won’t romp in an old tree!”, “I need green, budding plants, and short pants – where the hell is spring?!”, “There I stood – waiting like a daffodil…”, “Toss off those gloves hiding your heart…”, “Eggs under birds on beds of brown straw stir – Tweet, tweet…” Other works by the author in print are: “Fifty Poems About Christmas”, “Little Christmas” a childhood memoir, and “Amidst the Gladiolas” a drama with stinging wit made to keep audiences on the edge of their seats.


Last summer a student of mine came east to visit her old college roommate and they stopped by.  Over lunch we spoke about my book, “Fifty Poems About Christmas” and as they left I gave her friend a copy.  
In late November I received an email from the friend saying that she worked for Catholic Charities of New York and they wanted to purchase one thousand copies of my book to give out at their annual luncheon at the Waldorf Astoria.  God bless my printer because within two days he delivered the books to the Archdiocese’s offices. 
It gets better, the next day my partner Peter and I received an invitation to the luncheon where I was mobbed by autograph hounds.  At one point even the cardinal came up behind me, and as he punched me in the back he jokingly said that he thought he was supposed to be the star of the party!  And later when we left the hotel the Park Avenue entrance was mobbed by more seekers of autographs, which I gladly gave as they followed us all the way down to Grand Central. 
Yes, I might have felt more like a politician than a poet; all I can say is that it made for one of the most exciting days of my life.  As the old song lyric goes, “Wishing can make it so!”
See Vito Gentile’s interview on YouTube https://youtu.be/3dt2DqxUwoE  and https://youtu.be/8kG14ThSzsO  

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